QoS Settings Help

QoS is an advanced feature that you can use to prioritize some Internet applications and online gaming, and to minimize the impact when the bandwidth is busy.

Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) Settings

WMM (Wireless Multimedia) is a subset of the 802.11e standard. WMM allows wireless traffic to have a range of priorities, depending on the kind of data. Time-dependent information, like video or audio, has a higher priority than normal traffic. For WMM to function correctly, wireless clients must also support WMM.

Turn Internet Access QoS On

If this feature is enabled, the QoS function prioritizes Internet traffic. For applications, online gaming, an Ethernet LAN port, or a specified MAC address that already exists in the drop-down list, you can modify the priority level by clicking the Edit button. You can click the Delete button to erase the priority rule. You can also define the priority policy for each online game, application, LAN port, or the computer's MAC address by clicking the Add Priority Rule button.

To save or cancel changes:

Click Apply to have your changes take effect.

Click Cancel to return to the previous settings.

For Applications or Online Gaming

To set up the priority for an application or online gaming:

For an Ethernet LAN port

To set up the priority for computers connected to a LAN port:

For a MAC address

To set up the priority for a specified computer through its MAC address:

To add the priority for a specified computer through its MAC address:

To delete a service entry: